Many explorers and scientist have tried to explore the nature for rare snakes on the earth. It has been very fascinating and are subject for their research work.



But among all the mysterious snakes this 4-headded snake, the black headed python, the yellow anaconda and the Madagascar ground boa are the rarest of rare snake to be found.

But the 4-headed is the most mysterious and rarest snake to be found.



These four headed snakes are very rare to find. It is found mostly in captivity and rarely in wild. This snake has generated a lot of curiosity with a very unique phenomenon of independent four head. It is believed that all the for head have independent brain so it’s very challenging creature to study.



Another rare snake mentioned earlier is the black headed snake. As the name suggest it has a distinct black head which is very rare to find in this species.



These snakes are found in Australia and New Guinea and can be as long as 3 meters with a very muscular body but nonvenomous.

Rare snakes are very fascinating creatures with very unique features and behavior which captivate human’s mind.