This friendship between two different species a dog and a human baby is so adorable. They both find comfort in each other presence.

Here is a story of a dog named Nora and a baby named Archie. These two bonded the day they first met each other. Nora had a very tough upbringing and had to deal lots of emotional abuses which left her stressed. She was treated in her earlier house so badly that she is now afraid of anything that comes near her. She behaved very irritating whenever anyone comes near her. She used to bark at every one out of fear to be hurt.

Nora’s erratic behavior suddenly changed the day she met a little baby Archie. The moment they met Nora found her mate in baby and never left her side. Nora found the baby very relaxed, and this made her to form bond with her and the bond grew stronger as time passed.

Behavior of Archie is extremely pet friendly, so Nora got attracted in an instant. Archie provides Nora with a sense of security and safety which very mush required to overcome her abusive past.

Dogs love babies so much as they find them as their own size. Nora also got her true friend in Archie and leading a pleasant life leaving her abusive past behind.

The rescued dog found friend forever un the baby. The baby found her companion in the dog.