This is a very tragic story about a very unfortunate dog who was chained for rest of its life.


He was chained in the yard by a very cruel owner who left him to bear the wrath of the nature with only flies to infest his fur and hunger that left him lean.


The day came which was going to change everything. The dog came to the notice of a kindhearted man who decided to take some positive steps.



The dogs began to change slowly. Firstly, he was provided with medical care and proper food and love and carte that he deserved.


Gradually the dogs condition grew much better day by day. It had recovered up to extent that it was unrecognizable. His dull skin was now glowing, ribs disappear under strong muscles. He looked healthy now.

Slowly he learned some command and also started playing with toys and stuffs. He now knows what it is meant to be loved.


The transformation was not an easy one. He had to undergo certain treatment and training. He had to overcome his fear to humans, and he took time to feel safe under human care.

With all the efforts from his caretaker and his own ability to deal with everything made him embrace his new life.