A very unusual sight was seen in the jungle where a few hyenas were chasing an old lioness. The lioness was running for her life, but the hyenas made her bend Infront of them.



Armand Barnard, a 34-year-old property dealer witnessed this very sad incident in the jungle of Africa.



A group of tourist were doing safari in Kruger National Park. Eagerly spotting different animals in the wild they reached near a picnic spot inside the jungle. Suddenly they heard some noises of commotion.



So, they drove toward the sound and to their surprise they a lioness ran out of the bush followed by four hyenas. What it seems from the situation that the lioness was running for her life as the clan of hyena were chasing for hunt. The hyenas surrounded the lioness from four side and biting her legs, she seems defeated.


In the wild both are considered apex predators. While lions are stronger and bigger whereas hyena are considered cunning. Generally, hyena don’t attack lions but if they site old, weakened or very young lion, they hunt them for food.



It looked the lioness was deprived of her pride, weak, old and therefore attacked by these hyenas. The hyenas continuously attacked her from all sides and the lioness was in great pain and suffering. Suddenly she found a way and ran for her life.



Lioness and the hyenas all disappeared in the bush. The tourist experiencing the tussle were in total disbelief what was happened just now and were in fear. They took almost five minutes to recover and then they discussed the situation.



The tourist had mention that they had never experienced this type of incident earlier and were very thrilled and frightened by the scene they just experienced during safari. The tourist were unsure about the fate of poor lioness but it got clear the next day when they saw three lionesses in which one was injured around her legs with bite marks.