The picture looks like a barnacle encrusted turtle which seems long dead but surprisingly found alive.

After spotting the turtle was rescued by Newport Lifesaver from the Newport beach and sent for recovery. The turtle when received was very weakened and seems taking its last breath but still alive.

The pictures shows how the Newport Lifesaver spot the green turtle and saved its life.

The rescue was not easy one as the turtle was huge and very weakened. The rescue team took precautionary measures to lift the turtle and shift it. They fill the container with water and put some wet clothes on it so that it do not get dehydrated on the way.

The reptile was shifted to the wildlife hospital where the team of doctors are working very hard to keep it alive and to bringing back to good health.

Image of a healthy green turtle:

Its too early to say what will be the outcome of the treatment says one of the hospital staff.

We all are praying for speedy recovery and the survival of the poor reptile. Mentions the doctor of the hospital.