Vets around the world says that dogs behave very unusually during there last moment.

It’s very heartbreaking when someone lose their pet. The heart fills with sorrow and one can’t believe that its gone forever. People behave differently but in majority the pet owner around the world feel so upsetting that they are unable to stay with their loved pet during there last moment. But vets suggest that they should not abandon them instead, should stay with them. One of such owner Jessi Deitrich’s tweet went viral who experienced the same situation.


Many veterinarians have openly claimed that 90% of owners didn’t want to be with their pets in the same room when they were injected to fall sleep. Also they claimed that most animals spend their last moment looking for their owner and seeking their love and attention, which is very heartbreaking to see.

A hospital in South Africa sent a response to Jessi Dietrich’s tweet that pet owners should take care of their loved pet until the very end.

Experiencing this unpleasant circumstance, the vet begged pet owner’s who bring their animals in for a comfortable, pain free ending should not forsake them.

The vet suggests staying with their pet. According to the vet clinic ‘s assessment, the majority of the pet owner are simple unaware of the fact that the pet look for them, and they simply left them alone when they need them most. On the contrary the pets always look around for their loved ones among the people present around them. Its very surprising and sick to see that people abandon them when the pets are sick, scared, or old and in need for their comfort.

Dr, Lauren Bugeja a vet from Melbourn, believes that maintaining old pets in their home can be a very challenging job. She explains that in this time people become upset contrary to animals feel at rest and peaceful during this period.

She also suggests that people should spend time to talk and console them with their nursing so that the animal will be free from any fear and distress in their final moment.

According to Dr. Bugeja observation, pets are more likely to fear if left alone in an unfamiliar environment, like a vet clinic or hospitals as they are new to the surrounding. Hence, once deciding to do it in a clinic one should be there with pet so that they go comfortably.