In an incredible act of bravery, strength and will, a baby elephant fought off 14 lions in one go and saved it from being their meal. The incident took place in National Park of Tanzania were few tourists on Safari captured it.

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In the video you will see the elephant while grazing was attacked by pack of 14 lions. The fight started and the lions attacked from all side scratching the elephant.

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But the elephant refused to surrender without a fight. It used its body and trunk to its advantage. Pushing the lions away with the help of its trunk and heavy body.

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Despite being lone the elephant managed to hold its ground and chased the lion away from it. This is what elephants are known for.

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Never to give up attitude and obviously its courage and strength makes it one of the most undefeated animals.

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The elephant gave a great fight which lion couldn’t handle and ran away.

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This video shows that how ecosystem acts and maintain balance but elephants around the world needs protection. As the need of elephant products in black market is increasing, poaching is harming the balance of these animals.

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It is crucial for government to take action against these activities so that animals can thrive in their natural habitat.

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For now, this video gave some relief how this brave elephant shoves off those lions and save itself for life. It also inspires us to be courageous and never to give up.