In a hilarious mirror prank a dog reacted aggressively to its reflection.

It was funny to watch dog getting very angry looking at its own image in the mirror but in reality, it may be due to its sense of fear and feeling threatened.

Although it looks funny but it’s really very insensible and inappropriate to make prank on animals as it can hurt them mentally. It can cause mental harassment and stress in certain animals.

If you happen to be pet owner or animal lover, you will certainly agree that it is very inhuman to treat animals like that. Human should be responsible enough to treat animal with compassion and empathy. Instead of filming such video we should show some respect towards our loyal companion.

One should always be generous towards animals by treating them well, feeding them properly and most important play with them so that they feel accepted.

Certain videos of animals are entertaining but it’s important to make sure that in those videos they are not harassed or provoked in any way that can disturb their natural behavior.