In a gruesome act of hunting by a Nile crocodile of an innocent antelope left watcher horrified. The incident was captured in a video which has become viral in social media. The incident occurred Infront of group of tourists on jungle safari at remote bank of Nile River. They were watching a heard of antelopes who were grazing, and some were drinking water from the river. Then suddenly a crocodile appears from nowhere and attacked one of the antelope and dragged it inside water. What happened next was so horrific that the tourist crew were stunned to see.

The crocodile dragged the antelope by its neck into the water while it was still alive and struggling to get free but in vain. The antelope was in great pain and was screaming loudly but no was there to save it.

The tourist tried to help the antelope by throwing stones and shouting at the crocodile but with zero result. The crocodile tears its neck and kills the antelope and savor on its meat. These 16 minutes of horrific scene made the whole crew sad and shook them from inside.



The river water turned red by the blood of antelope. This happens regularly in the jungle but should not happen in presence of human as it can have adverse effect on human mentality. Wildlife tourism should be in strictly regulated so that this kind of incident do not happens in presence of human. As it happens the natural course of events that occur in jungle.

Jungle rule is the fittest of survival so one should not judge animals by human’s value or emotions. Instead, it should be respected and should be seen as the beauty of nature.