A dog is said to be human’s best friend and its loyalty towards human beings can be understood by the fact that it can risk its own life for its master or others. In one such compassionate incident, a stray dog saved the life of a 3 days old toddler who was abandoned by her mother and left in a dustbin. The heart-breaking incident was reported by Saudi Arabia’s daily ‘Sada’ with the footage of the dog holding the newborn in its mouth.

As reported by the newspaper, a hungry dog that was looking for food was wandering the streets; however it couldn’t find anything to eat. Just then, it found something that can leave anyone shocked and depressed – a newly born girl with the umbilical cord connected.

What the dog did the next was highly sensitive and brilliant on its part as it picked up the baby without causing her any damage and took her to a more secure place.

It went to the nearest home, placed her on the porch and barked continuously so that the residents came outside, found the baby and rushed her to hospital. The latest developments suggest that the baby is safe, fine and healthy and it suffered some injuries. The news about the dog and the baby went viral on social media but there is no clear idea of the place where the incident has taken place.

Here is the video of the incident:

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This incident indeed shows the dog’s kind-heartedness and generous nature as it could, on the other hand, eat the baby as it was quite hungry but it chose to be more human than some human beings themselves.

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