A three-legged dog returned to its owner after 300 days by the help of an animal rescue team.



Kinnick the dog was reported missing was rescued by Paws of Hope Animal rescue group in Iowa City who were searching for the last eight months.

The team were in tedious search for around 246 days and finally got victorious and the dog was rescued and brought back to its owner.

Paws of Hope Animal rescue team announced this joyful news on their FB page making one of its kind of mission successful.



The rescuer shared the whole story of the mission on Facebook. They mentioned that the dog knew its routes, he knew where the food bowls of theirs were and he never stayed at one place.

He continued moving in his route from one food bowl to another, the dog even dodged the live trap they had made to catch. He was heading back with following the food bowl of other animals.



The rescuer caught him after 245 days tracking it through the dogs three legged foot mark.