A seven-year boy is seen having a special friendship with a huge sixteen-foot python.


Seʋen-year-old Uorn SaмƄath, who liʋes in the CaмƄodian ʋillage of SetƄo, spends tiмe with the faмily pet. The reptile, naмed Chaмroeun, slithered into the house as a younger — and мuch sмaller — snake when Uorn was a 𝑏𝑎𝑏𝑦.


A seven-year-old Cambodian boy named Sambath likes to keep pet as his favorite hobby. He got his first baby reptile friend when he was just a baby. The python was also very small in size and since then they have built a special bond with each other.

It was also very surprising for the boy’s parent that their kid is having a bond with a python. But seeing his love for the reptile they also agreed to keep the pet. They say that their boy always love to be with his reptile friend and sleeps between its coiled body, rides it kisses it and even pet it with powder.


A special Ƅond


They mention that their boy and snake has become tourist attraction in the village. People come to watch the special bond between them. The boy used to play since the snake was learning to crawl. These type of story makes the tourist delighted


A special Ƅond


Even the neighbors call them as husband and wife. A partner since previous birth. The boy got the snake from his mother who found it under the pillow many years ago and it was just the size of a thumb then.




She took the baby snake and left it away in the bushes. But it resurfaced after two weeks. So her mother decided to keep it and gave it a name ‘Chamroeun’.

His father mentions that in their culture it is believed that snake bring good luck and prosperity mainly good health in the family. They gave the snake a special room and they use to pray in that room.


Boy's Best Friend is 4.8-Meter-Long Burмese Python | Cold Blood, Warм Heart.


Since then, the snake is with them. His boy has taken the responsibility to take care of it. They are very confident that the snake will never harm the kid or any other from the village. even the village kids come to play with it.