A record-breaking 50kg giant goldfish was found when an angler dragged it from water in Champagne, France.

The above fish found in France is just half the size of record breaker goldfish.
Carp fishery Bluewater Lakes released a fish 20 years ago and now it has grown to a giant known as The Carrot known as largest goldfish in the world.
It is double the size of fish you have seen above.


 The Carrot is a hybrid fish cross breed of a goldfish and koi fish. Due to this hybridization the fish grew for 20 years and gained such a massive weight of 50 kg.
It took around half an hour for Andy to reel it up from lake, took some selfie and let it back to the lake.


It has been reported that many set their pet fish into lake which cause imbalance in the lake ecosystem. They are being hardy fish can grow enormously big and upsetting the silt bed and uprooting the aquatic plants which hampers the lake ecosystem.

So, the authorities advise to not let their pet goldfish into water body as it can disrupt the life of other natural inhabitant fish.