Once early morning when Ralph went to his lake searching for his dog, he was surprised to see his dog was in middle of the lake. What more surprising was that his 6 years old dog was swimming with another animal pulling it back to the shore. On reaching shore it was found that the dog has done something incredible by pulling a drowning baby dear back to the shore.



Ralph 62 of Virginia took some pic and posted on his Facebook post which went viral immediately. In the post he mentioned that Harley, the dog was brave enough to jump into the lake siting the dear in need.



He described the incident that Harley was seen paddling in water with the fawn by his side. Ralph was there to receive both of them an pulled the baby deer out of the water through steep ledge. After pulling the deer out of the water he put it on the grass to dry and immediately Harley came and started licking the fawn’s body.



Harley showed some great compassion by licking the deer and taking care of it. He was beside the deer all the time giving it love and companionship.


Within few minutes deer mom appears seeing its baby out of the water. Ralph saw deer mother approaching so he decided to take Harley back to home so that the mother could interact with the baby. As soon both of them went back to house the mother deer took the baby back to the wild.

Watch video below: