Dogs are social animal, one of the oldest tamed animals in the world. History has proved that dog and human relationship is one of its kind. The bond is strongest seen in any other animals. Dogs are not just pets, they are our family members and love us like any other member.


This story is about a Golden Retriever Dog couple who against all odds shown their emotional depth and intelligence by taking care of each other during pregnancy specially the father dog. The Dog took care of his female counterpart with outmost love and care and made sure that she is safe and comfortable throughout her pregnancy.

It is clearly seen through all the photos and in video that how this Golden Retriever is taking care of his mate.


This story is so incredible that is being liked by many around the world. The bond that it shows between the dog couple during pregnancy is very heartwarming and commendable.


If you watch closely, dogs are like our children who require love, attention and care and in return they give us back multiplying. They make us laugh, pamper us make us relive from stress and always there to greet us whenever we come to home.


The story of their bod shows us that how incredible their love is and the bod they share with each other. This shows us what special bond meant to human and these dogs have brought to us.


In conclusion it can be noted that how a bond between shows the importance of love in once life and to take care of our loved ones.


Below is the video you can watch and experience the incredible journey of their pregnancy.