It was incredible but true scene for the people of California to witness one of lifetime view of thousands of fish all around the beach which look alike male genital.

It all happened at the Drakes coast of California where people were witnessing an unexpected phenomenon. Thousands of wriggling pennis like creature all spread across the shore.


The not so viewable creature is named as “Penis fish” although it’s not a fish but is a worm. The famous name given to this worm is due to its appearance in shape and color.

Thousands of 10-inch penis fish wash up on California beach following storm - Daily Star


But it was unclear why this creature in such a huge number came across the shore? The answer was revealed by a biologist Ivan who suggested that it was all due to storm that hit last night. The worm also goes by the name ” Fat innkeeper worm”. It has a habit of digging U-shaped tunnel in the sad or mud and letting other creatures move in hence this name. The storm washed them offshore making them venerable to variety of sea bird.

Thousands of 10-inch penis fish wash up on California beach following storm - Daily Star

This incident was not lone, but similar such incident had happened in different coastal areas. Many people have different say on this worm like they came from shipwreck, but these worms have been found on the beaches for a long time known as innkeeper worm.

Thousands of 'penis fish' wash up on Northern California beach - Los Angeles Times

These worms generally feed on bacteria, plankton, and other small organisms. They eat through their mucus membrane. They use their tunnel building ability in sands to escape its pray.

In some place like Koria and Japan they are preferred as food as they are nutritious. The people who have tasted it finds it delicious. The dish is served with special spicy Korean dipping sauce.

Interesting thing about these worms are that they are one of the oldest living creatures about 300 million years ago that lives today.