A two headed snake Ben and Jerry were filmed by Brain, reptile expert while the snake was munching with its both mouth.



He shared the video in Instagram with a caption that says, ” My two headed snake Ben and Jerry are eating at the same time which is unusual, but its very fascinating two see both of them eating at the same time”.



It is rarely seen that the two mouths feeding at the same time as it causes bloating at the food pipe junction and can choke the snake.



The owner mentions that most the time Jerry does the eating and sometime it insist Ben to eat.



Many curios’ people ask many questions related to these two headed snakes on Instagram. One of the comments asked that how two headed snakes mutates? another says he is very excited to go visit the snake and see it from front.



One of the questions arise was answered by an expert that the condition is called Bicephalic, and it occurs due to incomplete splitting of embryo. It is very rare and occurred about 1000 times till now.

Generally, snakes with this condition do not survive for long. In wild the chances are least but when kept under supervision they can survive. Once they attain adulthood their chances of surviving on its own increases.

The snake if survived can live life of around 20 years. They share digestive system although they feed with two mouths.