In this latest episode of “King of Survival”, the hunter went on a mission to find the den of a giant snake which made life of nearby village. The villagers were living life in terror due to the giant snake. Armed with only a knife and his wits, the hunter venture deep into the jungle in search of his prey.

After searching for several hour, tracking through difficult terrain and carefully navigating deep into the jungle, the hunter finally located the snake’s den. The entrance of the den was scary and was hidden behind a thick vines, bushes and branches, but the hunter didn’t lose hope. He carefully made a path using his knife with high sense of alertness of the coming danger.

The den was as scary as hell, being dark and forbidden place with air inside it very unpleasant mostly it was filled with scent of the snake’s musk. The hunter very carefully moved forward, scanning every inch of the place with his eyes for any sign of movement and shadow of any creature. Then suddenly he freezes listening to the rustling sound.

With all his strength and his fast reflexes, the hunter turns and flashed his knife in the direction of sound. Finding nothing he stood still with silence waited for another sign. Suddenly a massive snake lunges out of the darkness with its jaw wide open. The hunter was quite alert and just managed to dodge the attack, but the snake is furious as the invader is inside its den.

The two engaged in a fierce battle, with hunter skillfully dodging the snake strike and simultaneously giving the taste of his knife on the snake’s body. Both snake and hunter were determined to not give up but at last hunter emerged victorious.

Finally, after an hour of encounter, hunter lands a full throttle blow on the snake skull piercing his knife deep inside. This was the end of snake’s pursuit to win and it falls to the ground with a loud thud sound concluding the with its life.

The hunter emerges from the den completely exhausted, shaken but with sign of victory on his face. In his mind he knew it was his most dangerous encounter with the most vicious predator in the jungle and lived to tell the tale. As soon he reached village, he felt relieved and a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing that he was the savior of the villagers from the killer snake.

In conclusion, the latest episode of “King of Survival” is a thrilling and heart throbbing adventure that showcased the bravery, skill, determination of a skilled hunter. So the fans for adventure and survival this episode should not be missed.