Leopards, the wild cats which are known for their agility and speed are also one of the best hunters of the wildlife and what makes them more dangerous is their ability to climb the trees.

Leopard uses two techniques of hunting, it either ambushes its prey or stalks it. One video is going viral on internet in which a leopard is seen stealing a baby bird from the nest of a bird when she is away from her nest.

The video shows that a bird flies away from the nest and in her absence, a leopard visit the nest and after inspecting everything it pulls out the baby bird from the nest and walks away. In the end of the video, the parents of the baby bird are seen sitting near the nest and wondering as to where is their baby.

Here is the video:

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Leopards are skilled, opportunistic and intelligent hunters who leave no chance of hunting small birds or eggs of bird along with some big animals as well.

Feeling sad for the parents of the baby bird, isn’t it?

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