A male lion was seen in the video trapped and helplessly surrounded by angry heard of hippos. Will he swim to safety? Well, we will find the answer below.


This incredible video is shared by photographer Steyn Jacobson in Crocodile River, Kruger National Park which I bet nobody would have seen before in life.


Jacobson says that it was during morning last day of the trip when the crew halt by the river side for coffee break, they say some hippo getting grouped near rock. While watching by the binoculars it was clear that they are surrounding the rock as there was a lion sitting on it.



Generally, lions don’t like water as they are not good swimmer. So, looking at lion trap in the middle of the river was quite unique.


Watching closely through the binoculars it was clear that the lion was male and was trying to hide from hippos. Suddenly, an angry hippo made its first move and attacked at lion. With great agility the lion was success in dodging the hippo and jumped into the water. The hippo didn’t stop and went after the lion.


It was clear from the view that the lion was a young one and was wandering in the territory which was not his. Generally, lions roam in their own territory but young lions are wanderer who often went far in other territory. As he was out of his territory and trapped between hippos, they are not going to let him free easily.


This is rarest sight were experienced and the team was having eyeful of each frame of this incredible sight. No wander wild shows you lot of unexpected sight but anything can’t beat this sight.