Some pets are born unfortunate. One of those is this little dog which was left to its own as it developed a tumor on its body. But it was saved by a rescuer and sent to Texas Animal Shelter. Hattie had a cruel owner who did nothing for two years as the tumor took a giant shape and then dumped it.

Dellas Dog Rescue Rehab Reforms mentioned that Hettie was abandoned by its owner and was then rescued by our team and are taken good care after that.

it was then sent to vet for examination where Dr. Karri did proper checking and mentioned that he has never before seen such a huge tumor in dog. The tumor was so big that it was given a name ‘bowling ball’.

He made some shocking revelation that due to tumor weight dog was swaging while walking and used it as bean bag whenever it needed rest.

Dr. Karri was nervous before operating the tumor. After the surgery went successful all were delighted and surprised that the tumor weighs 15 pounds. The dog recovered from surgery and her looks changed completely.

Hattie had a tough recovery and then after fully recover she joined foster care.