A video showing hatching of cobra egg is going viral on internet. The tiny snake from starting is give a vibe of fierce snake. The snakelet is seen coming out of its shell with its head rising.


One should not mistake it as non-poisonous. From birth only it is very venomous. If it gets mishandled will get agitated and unleash a lethal blow which can be very fatal.


The fascinating video of a newly born cobra from its egg is taking internet by storm.


Cobra is known for its strong neurotoxic venom that can immobilize any creature on earth causing cellular damage and the prey dies due to cardiac arrest.


Some species of cobra have venom containing hemotoxin which causes thickening of blood of its prey. The snakelet venom is as strong as its adult counterpart but are more dangerous as they strike often as they are very frightened and vigilant.


While this tiny snakelet looks very cute but one should be very alert while handling one. They can be prone to more violent even when they are upset.


The newborn does not prefer handled by any one as they feel stressed and unsafe. Baby snake may attack straightaway with no reason. So, one should observe them from a safe distance until and unless it is not required for the benefit of animal.


A snakelet shown in attacking position.