A cat named Brat one and half years old met a car accident, appeared to be dead, was taken by people around and buried him.

But to many people surprise the cat was found in the neighborhood walking alive. They thought its an incredible thing that they saw.

It was reported in local news that the cat dug itself out of the grave and slowly moved towards its place looking very week and dehydrated. It needed immediate medical attention.

When people saw him in a grave condition, was immediately shifted to the Human Society of Tampa Bay where it received treatment for open wounds on face, dislocated jaw, but lost its one eye as it was damaged beyond repair.

An investigation was carried out by the Human Society how the cat got hurt so brutally, why it was buried at first place and about its place of living.

It was surprising to see Brat recovering so fast and started having its regular meal in the rehabilitation center.

Some of Brat’s habit indicated his strong determination to live. He was always very conscious about taking his medicines and was obedient to whatever the health center personals tell him to do.

When the HSTB team visited Brat at the health center he was washing himself and welcomed them with lots of meow and caressing.

Brat was now able to do his daily chorus like using its litter box without issue, spending days under sun and enjoying being with his care taking staffs.

Brat is now adopted by a family who are very fond of him and Shour unconditional attention and care to him.