Shasha, a very special puppy, who was born with a deformity. She turned 12 weeks old on 28th November, which was another amazing milestone achieved by her.

Mostly, the average age of puppies are considered to be three months. Although she was born with hydrocephalus, a clef lip and a clef palate but every day is blessing for her.


Since her birth she has been taken cared by an expert cat rescuer Marie DeMarco. Her animal rescue group is known by FURRR 911 (Felines Urgently Rescued, Rehabilitated and Rehomed).


Her rescuer DeMarco is specialized in nursing cats, bottle-feeding orphaned kittens.

Although Shasha was a dog, DeMarco was confident that she can take care of her.

DeMarco on her several interviews has mentioned that she is a fighter from the beginning and had conquered many challenges during her existence.

She also mentions that when she looks upon the eyes of her pets, any hardship doesn’t matter. She looks herself as Shasha’s foster mother. She never hesitates once for taking care of Shasha. She has overcome many hurdles, struggles sometimes, lost a lot of sleep, even got some grey hairs.

She conveyed that she was very excited when puppy’s weight climbed a little over two pounds after she recently overcome horrible illness. Shasha is among few unfortunate puppies, who were born with cleft palate and contracted upper respiratory infection.

In addition to all the above deformities, Shasha has to face weight loss, regular fever, runny nose and itchy eyes. She can’t afford to lose weight since she weighs only one pound.

Even after Shasha receives all her medication and antibiotics her illness persisted, this made DeMarco very worried. The delicate pup’s temperature was back to normal, but she was still listless, unsteady on her paws and uninterested in foods.

So DeMarco immediately took Shasha to the vets and after diagnostic it was found that the root cause of her illness was a disease called hydrocephalus.

The vet started her treatment which was daily doses of medication, fluids and tube feeding. This rigid daily regime of medication brought some relief and Shasha began to improve. She transformed back into her feisty, cuddly self by the time she reached 12 weeks of her life.

DeMarco describes Shasha as a very calm and reserved puppy and would love to be her foster mother for rest of her life. Further she says that Shasha stands out from other dogs in a unique way and she enjoys being with her.

Shasha finds company with other pets at DeMarco’s home where she cuddle, plays with her cat friends and other rescued animals.

Shasha life is full of uncertainty but right now she is living life of her dreams with love, support, adoration from everyone.

DeMarco mention that “This animal is an excellent motivator. Shasha has proven to be a fighter with a tremendous passion for life despite her medical issues and genetic flaws.

Generous donors can contribute to Shasha’s care on the FURRR 911 website track her progress on FB.