The crimes against animals are a very serious concern and the biggest problem is that there are no strict laws regarding it in many countries of the world. Though there are many stories of animals suffering because of humans but there are times when some animals get to live a new life after going through tough times and one such dog is Miracle.

If you remember, some time back there was a news regarding a young German Shepherd being thrown from a second floor balcony, the good thing that the young dog escaped with minor injuries because of which she was named as Miracle.

The incident took place in December 2020, a woman named Allison Murphy was threatening to jump from the second floor of Daytona Beach Hotel because of which police complaints were made but before the Volusia County Police and Sheriff arrived at the scene, Allison lifted the dog up and threw her from the balcony.

It was no less than a miracle that the young dog didn’t got seriously injured, the passers-by took the dog to hospital where she got treated for her minor injuries and since then a foster family was taking  good care of her. However, now Miracle has been provided with a new home where she will live with a war veteran as an assistance animal.

Assistance animals are of great help to the veterans who are injured or have some physical limitations and Miracle will certainly excel in her new role.

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