It was total shock and a nightmare of lifetime when an owner of a house found a giant snake nesting on the ceiling of his house. The incident took place in Indonesia, where a house owner found a giant python hidden inside the ceiling of his house.

It was one cleaning day of his house, when the owner heard some strange noise coming out of the ceiling. Upon checking for the sound, the owner left horrified and at the same time in disbelief when he found one large 6m long python snake residing in his ceiling.

This unexpected discovery left owner and the local community in shock and caused hot topic of discussion around the locality. Indonesians are prone to snake as the country has a favorable climate for snakes, but finding such a huge snake in residential area was a rare site.

As soon as the news spread, people informed the authorities, immediately a team of snake handlers arrived and safely removed the snake from the house. It was a hectic task as the snake was huge, it took around few hours for the operation which was carefully conducted without causing any harm to snake.

The authorities captured the snake and released it into the wild. The house owner was in shock by the experience he undergone but felt relieved as no harm was done to him or his property.

The lesson people can draw from this incident is that one should always be aware and vigilant about its surroundings, as unexpected incident can happen to anyone, and can encounter with wild creatures which can possess potential threat. It is always advised to take professional help whenever one come in encounter with wild animals, especially if you are not aware how to handle it.

In conclusion, this incident was very horrifying and can happen to anyone and can cause panic. So, it is advisable that whenever one encounter a wild animal should always first call the concerned authorities and seek help to neutralize the situation in a safe way.