Many people saw the video of a duet between an elephant and crocodile in which a baby elephant was attacked by a crocodile while swimming in the swamps.

The herds of elephant were around the baby elephant to avoid any danger. Then suddenly a crocodile attacked the baby elephant and grabbed it by collar. The mother elephant saw the danger and ran towards the crocodile to save its baby.

Many elephant keepers claim that the mother elephant can go to any extent to save its baby. Sometimes elephant can risk their own life to keep their baby safe.

The mother elephant who was nearby reacted very fiercely to free her child from crocodiles’ mouth and stamped on its back to scare the crocodile. The elephant continuously put pressure on the back of crocodile until it released the baby elephant.

Many people reacted to this video. Some applauded the mother elephant’s sacrifice to save her young one. While others sympathized with the baby elephant as it must have gone through a lot of trauma.

The only reasons the baby elephant is alive today is due to her mother. As the mother came running to save its baby knowing she can lose hers.

The elephants are known as the most terrible killing machine in the natural world when their life is at stake. Whereas in water crocodile is one of the feared animals. So, fight between them was likely to be very competitive. But the elephant came victorious at the end and the baby elephant was saved.