Recently a video and pics of a mysterious creature went viral. The creature was washed ashore in Thailand with a big head and fish like body. It sparked curiosity among local people and scientist. In this article we will be knowing more about this creature.



It all began when a local fisherman discovered it on the southern beach of Karbi, Thailand. The fisherman was confused to see the creature as he had never come upon this type of creature in his whole life. It was very unusual for him, so he immediately contacted local authorities and a team of marine expert arrived to investigate the matter.


In first glance the creature’s body looked like a fish body with scales and covered with sluggish membrane. What unusual seem was its head which was proportionately big and round. The hole body represents the fish with a tale and side fins. However, it was different from fish as two arms like structure with claws was protruding from both side of its body.



So far scientist were unaware of its real identity. It is speculated that the creature might be from deep sea and are rarely seen near the surface. Some believe that it can be prehistoric creature which still survived, and others say that it can be due to genetic mutation.



It is a perfect example of our very less knowledge of our ocean life. The discovery is very significant as it can show the variation of life in ocean. In the world of technology, we are still very far behind when it comes to the knowledge of ocean and its life. The study is going on the creature species its identity and its habitat so that it can be conserved.