If you have seen Maine Coon cats, then definitely you would be knowing that these cats are popular for their large size and thick fur. The double thick fur is for their survival from harsh winter condition in which they reside. These cats are very sociable and are always like to be their owner and follow them wherever they go.



These cats grow to enormous size and so known as gentle giant. Maine Coon cats have a special ability of knowing their owner mood and thus are human ideal pet.



They are very gentle in nature and very easily occupies space in human heart so are preferred as pet even though they are enormous in size.

The size can be deceiving but they are very strong and athletic in nature. They are intelligent with an ability to learn various tricks when taught. These cats go pretty along with children and dogs who like to mate with cats.



Moreover, so many advantages there are few disadvantages also. Due to their enormous size it’s difficult to handle them as well as its very tiresome to clen them frequently as they have very thick coat of fur.


Jonathan the owner of Samson mentions that his cat is whooping 28 pounds in weight and is largest in New York city. Not only he is larger than other cats, but he is also even larger than a wild bobcat.


This adorable plus size cat is around 4 feet tall and earned the title of largest cat in New York and maybe he is the largest in the world.



Samson even has a record on his name in Guiness World record as the tallest cat at 4.04 feet tall, passed away in year 2013. Will always be remembered as adorable and tough cat.



Samson is rightly given the title of Gentle Giant referring to his gentle nature. The huge body of Samson is not due to overweight or obesity rather he is very sturdy and strong built.