The incident happened in Indonesia where millions of fish washed on the shore of Ocean left locals in panic. The incident happened one morning when the region experienced Tsunami a week ago when a massive earthquake occurred under the ocean.

The locals reported that the fish were in millions, and some were flipping over one another, and others float gracefully towards the shore.



The villagers near the coast watched the incident unfold in front of their eyes. Many didn’t believe their eyes, some thought that its mirage but when the fish began to land at the shore, they all knew something strange has happened.

If this was not fearsome another incident struck when large number of fish started raining and hit some of the villagers. The villager’s suffered injury and ran for their life and were in fear and shock of what was happening.



The local authority was notified about the incident and were very quick to arrive at the site to investigate. It was then referred to marine experts and scientist to further study the phenomenon to determine its cause. But so far, no explanation has been given.



The villagers were left wandering with many questions. Many thought that it’s a sign of something more ominous to come and other that it must be aftermath of Tsunami that occurred last week. Already te Tsunami and earth quack has caused widespread damage and destruction of both life and property and this new incident has added to more fear and uncertainty around the region.

Whatsoever be the cause the people were had lasting impression of this unfortunate incident in their mind. This reminds us about the power and unpredictability of nature and the need for us to respect and conserve our nature and mother earth.