The mother horse died just after giving birth to a deformed foul although she was healthy.



Recently in Romania an incident came into light that a horse has given birth to a very unusual creepy looking baby with a very giant head. The people of Zarand town are in fear that if it grows then it can kill anyone.



A pony with a large, humped head and deformed leg was born on 5th April. It was stated by the doctors that it is due to some mutation phenomenon that results due to genetic disorder during pregnancy. Due to delay in cesarian section for delivery the mother horse died after giving birth.



The genetic disorder was transferred to the foul from its mother which cause the disproportional growth of foul’s head by accommodating overflowing brain fluid.

After examining the foul, the doctor’s mentioned that it might be due to hydrocephalus also known as water brain.

The birth of monstrous baby horse has instilled fear in many hearts so many of locals who came to visit where then went to church for prayer.