The following story is about a pregnant cat and a police officer who brought her to police station and the whole station became family of the cat.

A police officer at police station in Busan, South Koria met the stray cat after a car accident which took life of her kittens. He buried the kittens and the cat went on her way.

After few months the cat was again seen at the police station who came searching for the police man who she met during accident.

The policeman spotted it and the cat shows the intention of not leaving the station. So, he decided to keep her in the station and took care of her.

Soon he found that the cat was pregnant, and she came here in search of safe place to give birth.



At the time of delivery, the officer arranged everything. He made a space in guard’s post and helped the cat during delivery even cut her umbilical cord.

Cute baby kittens were born, and it brought smile in every staff in the station. The Officer decided to keep the cat family in the station until they are on their own.



The Officer named the mother cat Morlang that latterly means ‘I don’t know’ which suits her as nobody knew were the cat came from.


The cats never left. They considered the police station as their home. Fortunately, everybody at the station loved them. the cats remained there for rest of the life happily and in good health as they got good care from the staff at the station.


Now they have become the part of the station and even Morlang and kittens accompany officers while in duty.



They are the only cat family which are the part of a police station in South Korea and live peacefully in the neighborhood.