Life of a street dog is quite tough as they have to face many problems, they don’t have fixed source for food, they don’t have any place to live and it is quite difficult for them to survive during the heatwaves, chilled winters and rainy season.

The stray puppies even face the danger of getting harmed by the other dogs or other animals because of which their survival rate is even lower than the adults. Usually we have seen that when puppies are born, people of that area feed them and kids also play with them and become a center of attraction but now we are going to tell you about puppies which almost got paralyzed because of their bad circumstances.

Four puppies almost lost their lives after they fell on tar which was lying over the garbage. They got coated so much in slime, dirt, plastic garbage, pebbles,etc.

As per the reports disclosed by Animal Aid Unlimited in India, when the dog got trapped by entering the asphalt, she must have alerted the humans around her by shouting loudly. When people came they saw that the dog and her puppies were in a very bad state as they were completely coated with tar and it was really difficult for them to move.

When the workers of Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on the location, they found only two puppies which were sent to the shelter but their mother was missing. The workers diligently helped the puppies by slowly removing the pebbles, garbage, tar, stones from the body of puppies and it took them hours to remove the tar. After that the puppies were washed using specific chemicals, though the traces of tar remain on their fur but now they were able to move freely.

When the two puppies were treated properly, the other two puppies were also found and for almost three days, the volunteers of Animal Aid Unlimited worked hard in order to help these puppies. The mother was found soon, she was also treated and now they mother and the puppies are together enjoying their lives.