It was described as little miracle by a team of Minnesota Animal Rescue Secondhand Hounds.

IA miracle occurred at Minnesota, when an animal rescue found that a dog was lost during giving birth to her puppies, who were adopted by a mother dog who lost its babies.

The Secondhand Hounds founder and executive director Rachel Mairose quoted that they were getting a bunch of commercial breeder dogs on Wednesday.

Among them was a little Chihuahua who had given birth to her puppies 6 days prior and unfortunately all her puppies had passed away.

Then the same day there came an information that the rescue team have received another call that there will be deliveries of few puppies of around 2 weeks old.

According to the information, a mama dog had died during seizure and left her five 2 weeks old puppies.

This news about the orphaned puppies was received by Secondhand Hounds because it has a neonatal program and is known as “The rescue that takes the little, tiny puppies”.

Normally, the best practice is to keep puppies in a family for the better growth of both mother and babies so, Mairose realized that both problems can be solved at once.

The situation at the Secondhand Hound was of both confusion and excitement, like could this work? All the staffs were curious to receive those babies and get them bond together as a family.

Mairose informed that the mother dog Rosa was little nervous in starting, to see the new surrounding but gradually started bonding with the puppies.

One of the incidents explained by Mairose was very heart touching that ” As soon Rosa heard the whimpering of the puppies, she immediately started wagging her tail in affection” and the people around them were like WOW this is happening, and it worked.

The team introduced the puppies to Rosa one by one and in no time, she started nursing them and cleaning them with her tongue. The affection of her towards the puppy was not less than of own mother.

The rescue team rightly mentions that among all other rescue operation in their carrier this was somewhat different as it was so touching and like a little miracle had happen. Mairose mentioned ” It felt so touching that it was meant to happen. We don’t get calls on regular basis about neonatal puppies, and the coincident that the same time we got call about mommy dog who lost its babies. And the both the call on the same day proves it was nothing short of a miracle”.

Another cute thing he mentioned that Rosa never leaves her new puppies alone and you can find her always around them.

She has been an amazing mother taking care of them as of its own. She has adopted them making them feel loved. it can’t be more perfect. They have found their family, both mom and the babies.

They have been given homely environment with experienced helper regularly monitoring their growth and development. Within a month or two the puppies will be put on the Secondhand Hounds website for “meet & Greet” and will be adopted.

Mairose explained that ” Lot of factors played for this happy ending but it could have gone other way round. He would not have brought in those puppies if Rosa would not been there to nurse them”. But now it’s the sweetest thing happened that both got there to look after each other and the babies found the best mommy to look after them.