A python was seen coils around the body of huge lizard and soon as it finds it’s been watched, drags the lizard by its face to a nearby bush and kills it for its meal.



Rudolph was out on an early morning drive where he some commotion beside the road in a sandy area. Upon looking up closely he found an African Rock Python was engaged in a dual with monitor lizard.



African rock python is very common throughout the sub-Saharan Africa. They are very strong snake which can grow up to 20 feet and weigh up to 150 pounds. They have incredible ability to constrict their prey.



They show incredible hunting capability. In this case the python would have first anchored its teeth around the head of the lizard and then slowly started coiling its huge body around the lizard’s body. The lizard was immovable by the strong grip of python and with every attempt of lizard to save itself the snake increased its hold.

Unlike venomous snake who kill by its venom python uses its sheer strength to coil around the prey’s body and kill by suffocating it. This technique is very effective as it helps the python to swallow large animals.



After it killed the lizard by squeezing it the python drags it to nearby bush and vanished from our site.