Animal babies are susceptible to lot of danger in wild if they unfortunately or knowingly abandoned by its mother or heard. Whether its thirst, hunger or danger from predator, will any how end up in giving their life. Some can be lucky enough to be rescued and rest end up dying.

Here we are going to know about a poor cub called Hunter who was abandoned by her mother just after few days of birth. The cub was born in The Farm Inn Hotel, a wildlife sanctuary, Pretoria, SA. His mom rejected him just after his birth as she continuously hurt him both physically and mentally.

The reason was rightly mentioned by a volunteer of the sanctuary the mother might have rejected him as she must have felt compromised in some way.

Surprisingly it was seen that a German Pointer puppy named Chelsea had come to hunter and they instantly formed bond. Gradually it was seen that they were always together as if they have formed an inseparable bond in between them.

The poor cub has found love and comfort in the presence of his doggy friend.

This is a true nature of friendship as it doesn’t see any boundary. Friendship between Chelsea and Hunter proves that.

Hunter is only 3 months older than Chelsea. Two of them get along with each other nicely. Their bond is strong as they lose spending a whole lot of time with each other. They eat, play, sleep together. Most of the time they are found wrestling with each other, running after each other. This makes caretaker happy and his job of looking after them has become easy.

Chelsea daily routine is to come to Hunter’s cage every morning to greet him. The two of them were often found sad the day they don’t meet. This shows their pure bond.

The two of them are going to be separated soon when Hunter will attain the age of six month. Hunter has to be shifted to another cage.

The duo are still best friend.