There are some people who dedicate their life to save animals in distress. among them Chris Poole is famously known as Cat Man Chris. This man was behind saving a cat family in need.

He found these cats near to his residence where he fed them for many days.


There are many donors who contact him, and he goes to his neighborhood to continuously monitor and feed them.

The cats were fed well but to his surprise he once notices that the food was getting stolen by raccoon’s opossums. Even the cat family was facing danger from coyote who were in hunt for the baby kittens. So, he thought to take action to save this cat family as soon as possible.

The four-member family had already lost one member from the family to the predator. Knowing this Chris decided that time has come to shift this family to a safe location. The rescue was little bit difficult to conduct as the family resides in confined place.

He planned accordingly and came equipped properly so that the three kittens can be rescued safely. The kitten’s place was located in industrial area tough to rescue smoothly.

He placed traps on certain places in a methodical way and waited for the fortunate day.

He kept his patient enough to waited till all three cats were trapped and rescued. He named the first cat Rocky which was his favorite.