It is the cruelty by some man that belief in humanity is reduced to ashes. In this story a very cruel act was seen by an owner of a dog who was not only left on its own but was chained on the bridge. Many passersby overlooked the dog. The dog was crying and asking for help but leave help nobody even care to unlock the chain in which it was tied.



The lock was so tight that the dog was unable to unlock it and was strangle there alone shivering in cold and crying.

Looking at the dog it seems it is not a day older than a month. Who can do such inhuman act on such little creature.


A good Samaritan found it and brought it to his home. He showered it and fed it with food and tried his best to erase the past agony that it has experienced in the past.

He got healthy under his care. Lancy the name given to the dog got his vaccination done and with proper medication today he is a happy pup.

Lancy is now in good hands. He deserves to be treated fair and is getting one with all the love and care.