Many people desire to keep exotic animal as their pet at home. But very few find it feasible to keep snake as pet. As snakes are not social animal, they have to be kept in separate container as they fight for food and even, they sometime eat their own kind. And when it comes to keeping two headed snake as pet it is a nightmare. As the two head thinks differently and they continuously fight for the food.

Recently a two headed Albanian snake has become attraction for many zoo goers.


The zookeeper explains behavior of the snake to people that they behave in a very unique way. The two heads think differently, sometime one head decides to go in one way but the other decides other way round.

They always live life in dilemma. They get hungry at the same time as they share their stomach. Sometimes due to anger they even attack their other head as they are fond of reptiles.


Two-headed alƄino snake : r/interestingasfuck


The two headed snake is two foot long and is brought into Ukrainian zoo from Germany.


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The craze of seeing this once in a lifetime has brought crowd to the zoo. The visitor’s numbers have doubled since it is brought.