In a very shocking incident that happened with a crew of Fishing charter boat in New Zealand when suddenly a mako shark launched itself on the boa of the boat.


Watch Shocking Moмent Shark Leaps onto Fishing Boat off Maine Coast


As reported by New Zealand herald one of the crew members who was the skipper of the boat narrated that they were on a regular fishing trip. They came to hunt famous kingfish when suddenly from nowhere a sizable mako shark appear and attacked the boat. The crew member got frightened and he gave instruction to keep distance from the periphery of boat and what happened next was very frightening to explain. The mako shark jumped on the deck of the boat. It was crazy.


Watch: Large shark leaps onto fishing Ƅoat: 'It was crazy!'


The shark attacked two times giving chill to every member present on the boat. The shark was estimated to be around 150 pounds seem very huge. This was the first time they ever experienced shark attack on the boat. They were in no position to do anything. They wall were stuck to their respective position. after few minutes the shark went away into waters and nowhere in the sight. Then only the crew member were relieved.


Giant shark leaps into Ƅoat: video


The mako sharks are known for their huge size that is around three meters in length and weighing around 550 kgs; What makes it a lethal that it swims with a speed of around 50kph and if with this speed it hit a boat like this can topple it and are even capable of leaping out of water and occasionally onto boats.


Huge мako shark juмps onto fishing Ƅoat - YouTuƄe