The snake stole eggs from a protective bird and realize that it’s too big to be eaten.

Snake Turns into Balloon After Swallowing Huge Egg

A field guide named Frank was lucky enough to see this bizarre moment of snake stealing egg and immediately captured it in his camera and released it on social media.


He mentions that he with his group were on camp site in jungle and were packing to leave. Suddenly he heard the sound of Blacksmith Lapwings bird and were mobbing something on the ground.

Blacksmith Lapwings are a common bird found in Savanna grassland of Africa. They make sound like blacksmith’s hammer on the anvil and hence this name. They build their nest on the ground and are very protective of it.



Reaching the sound, we got their and to our surprise there was a egg eater snake who was carrying the huge eggs of the bird. These snakes has an incredible capability of swallowing huge eggs.



The Lapwings was also not in mood to give up. It attacked the snake with its horn fiercely but snake being very agile dodged the attack and was successful in taking the egg in its mouth and slithered away in a very bizarre manner ever seen.



It was a very rare moment to be captured on camera. After grabbing the egg, the snake disappeared in the thickets leaving back the Lapwing to mourn on its loss.



It seem very unfair of snake taking away the egg of Lapwing but this is how life works in jungle. This is how the mother nature track balance in nature. It is important foe our ecosystem to run like this otherwise there will be imbalance.



The snake looked like a balloon after galloping the Lap birds egg. See video.