Heart touching moments for dog lover when a dog was rescued from lake Lytham.



The incident happened in lake Lytham, Uk where a dog was trapped and rescued. The incident highlights the need of being cautious around sensitive area and also the shows the tireless work of rescue team who worked hard to rescue the unfortunate dog.

The work of rescue team is commendable. There work is not an easy task. They had go through training and regularly learn new skills how to rescue animals from unfavorable situations.



It was very challenging mission as the rescue team had to go through dark water and lift the puppy safely before it gets fatal for the dog. The dog was shivering in cold water and was on verge to collapse. The team had reach in time and save the dog.



The rescue operation was very risky one which shows the bravery and dedication of the rescue team. The way the rescue team handled the operation shows their selflessness and compassion towards animal.

This rescue operation also highlights the need for support for the animal rescue organization. They flourish by donation and volunteers who join them to continue their work. By supporting this kind of organization, we indirectly involve in saving numerous animals which are in need of help and make better place for them around the world.



Concluding we can say that rescue of this dog from lake Lytham is a true display of human nature to help and compassion. It also highlights the importance of such organization which work tirelessly and selflessly to bring a good life in animal in distress.