Lovisa a Candian women one found a stary cat wandering in her garden. Out of affection she fed her with some milk and cookies. The cat was desperately in need of food as she was hungry for a long time.


This kind act of Lovisa made the cat come regularly to her and this built a good bond between them. She named her Fluffy.

usagi kittens

In a course of time Lovisa noticed something unusual of her belly size. It wasn’t her health rather her feline friend was pregnant. The stray cat must have found some place to give birth to her new ones. But soon it was clear that she chose Lovisa house as the cat never missed a single day without visiting Lovisa. OfCourse the visit was for food but more of for the affection that was built between both.


Soon she delivered her baby somewhere near Lovisa’s house and one fine day she brought one of her tiny kitties to Lovisa. And then back-to-back she brought all her six kittens to Lovisa’s house. maybe she had decided it was safe to bring her family to Lovisa.


Lovisa found herself so lucky that Fluffy choose her. She made some space for the Fluffy family in one of her rooms and adopted all of them for life. Among all the six kittens, five were true black copy of their mother.

3 girls

With all the newborn kittens, there came a huge responsibility to take care of them as new Borns are vulnerable to lot of disease. in no time Lovisa felt the need of experts as few kittens got conductivities and breathing issues, so she contacted her friend from vet department to seek help.


Out of six kittens five were sent for giving special care by foster Mother Celine at Chatons Orphelins Montreal. After they all got healthy three of them were adopted by Lovis’s friend Lina and the three left were named Taylor, Tynie, Tyana.

2 boys

Out of six kittens two were male named Taless & Titto.


And just like their sister they were also Blakey, beautiful and fluffy.


All the kittens had their distinct personality. Among all Tyana was more mature, sweet and cuddly. She always sits in a place and like to observe all her siblings and then join them for fun.



When all grew three months old, they were taken to clinic for vaccination and now they were all ready for adoption.

Tales et Taylor 2

At four months old they were all adopted. Taylor and Tales were adopted together. Also Tynie, Tayana and Titto each found their loving forever home.

A big Thank to Lovisa for sharing this story with us. And to Lina for taking care of all the kittens as foster mother.