The stray dog with little fur and enlarged belly made people to believe it was pregnant when it collapsed on street, but it wasn’t.

Cannot even think of it what might have happened if the dog hadn’t been saved at time.

Dogs belly was larger and fuller than usual and bulges beyond the belly outline, people thought she was pregnant. this puppy was in difficult situation one can imagine and was ill.

The vets were contacted, they concluded that the pup was not pregnant and need to get proper treatment immediately.

She had her diagnosis, X ray, blood sample, fluid analysis was done. People who were trying to help were waiting for the result to come. The free fluid in the belly can be urine, blood or effusion . the vet were draining that fluid from her belly. it was very painful situation.

So far 10liters fluid were drained out, bones started to appear on the chest area. It caused lot of pain and discomfort while draining fluid. But at the end the pup felt peace and fall asleep. It seemed she slept so peacefully after months of pain and discomfort.

The vet mentioned that she will be there in the clinic for more few days for proper medication and treatment. Also they will updating about her condition on regular basis.

Thanks to all of you for being there for her! and for joining your hand with love for her faster recovery.

(They named her Puffy. The condition is known as ascites, it occurs due to liver failure which cause fluids to accumulate in the belly area. Further results will confirm actual cause)