Tattoos have become very popular, especially for those who love and are passionate about tattoo art. You can Tattoo on any part of your body and each tattoo will follow the person who wears it for life.

Besides the beautiful tattoos, there are still ugly, weird tattoos that we can easily find over the Internet. For humorous people, they will feel the excitement and fun through these unique tattoos, but there are also people who just wish they didn’t have the same bad luck.Speechless

A Great Idea For Fans of “kong Skull island”

This funny ninja tattoo will turn red if its owner has a cold and blows his nose often.

Is this girl trying to prove to the world that her armpits smell like onions?

Art installation

This man is trying to cut all the “grass” to open the “airport”?

Neatly trimmed!

Another demonstration of the original idea above.

Let’s cosplay as Eddie Munster character!

This gluttonous goat is the cause of baldness.

“What do you means?”

When eating becomes a passion

Be strong!

The navel becomes so much fun

We’ll never get lost again if we tattoo the subway map on our stomach