This dog will remind you Never to give up. So read this incredible journey of this dog who never give up.

This dog goes by the name Glad Vito. It was rescued and treated for his detreating health. We pray for this dog to get good loving owner and a nice place to be for rest of its life.

It’s heartbreaking to see a dog in this skinny condition. Many people will relate with this feeling. Vito was found quite week and had many visible wounds mark on its body which it got during its abandoned period.

Vito’s body looked skinny, and its bone were clearly seen through its degrading skin. It was pretty clear that the dog didn’t have enough food to feed upon. Vito condition was very delicate, and it appeared that no life was left within it. The first impression it gave was it can bare live and was about to die any time soon.

But the good thing was that even Vito was week as hell but in its mind, he was more resilient than most of us, so he overcome it and survived.

Vito never gave up and continuously tried to live, which made many of us admire him. Vito was a hero, he fought till the end despite of his weakness. This dog is a good example for many of us and inspire us to overcome adversity to follow.

We are so thankful to people who rescued, nourished him. he is now recovering with a great pace. Now he is in good hand who take care of him.

Currently Vito is living a life of his dream with all the care and nourishment which he wouldn’t have imagined previously. May he live his life fully till end.

God bless all the people who take care of animals with compassion. Animals are equally part of our earth as we are. So, one should treat them fairly as they also need love, care and protection as we do. So please treat them well.