The two cats residing in Exploits Valley SPCA are best of best friends. As Sarah A volunteer in SPCA mentions that the cats are called “Inseparable Sisters” here. The two shares everything with each other from the place they sleep the food they eat and the toys they play. They are happy mothers rearing their eight kittens.



Last September few kittens were rescued by a rescue group and brought at SPCA for better care. The kittens were only 12 months old and weigh around four kilos.

Then the two cats with those kittens were shifted to another room with soft beds and lots of toys. From then their tiny family is prospering.



Both Xeno and Ripley are taking good care of the eight kittens. Both are acting as their mother and handling things together very smoothly. They both equally share the kittens and take care and groom them. apart from taking care they are best friend among themselves and play a lot together with the lovely kittens.


Whenever they are not taking care of the kittens, they like to sit down near the window watching possible adopter who are passing by. They sit near the glass door and look at the people passing by.



The shelters understand the feelings of the duo cats and want that they get a nice owner who will welcome them into their heart.