The dogs help us in living masks a cheerful life as they are themselves very playful and active creatures, though there are some exceptions but majority of the dogs love to behave in a naughty manner and sometimes this trait of the dogs gets rub on their owners as well.

Nowadays, a trend is going viral in which the dog owners are clicking photos of their dogs after making them wear mask made of bread. Yes, you read it right, the dog owners are showing their creativity by making bread mask of different designs, here are some selected images:

1. This one seems quite puzzled as to how his face got changed so much:

2.  It seems a little strange, as the face seems to be smaller than bread?

3.  Now that is really cute…

4. This one seems to be very angry as it is showing teeth in anger:

5. Blank face:

6. Different designs, different masks:

7. Last bread of the pack is also useful:

8. Now the bread is also cute, isn’t it?

9. This seems to be a perfect mask:

10. The bulgy furry friend with a simple mask:

11. Cuteness overloaded:

12. Nose is little big but the mask is also little colorful:

13. Double dose:

14. Disturbing the cute dog when he was taking rest:

The bonus photo which proves that this trend is not just limited to dogs :

Hopefully, you must have loved it…