Dogs are the most faithful animals in the world but sometimes they are treated in a manner which is inhumane and disgusting. While we all love our pet dogs and take good care of them but we ignore those stray dogs that have nobody to take care of, especially even in those times when they are facing problems while living their lives on the street.

A poor dog was lying on the side of the road and she was suffering from really strange disease as her tummy had blown in massive proportion and it seemed as if it will burst. While she kept lying on the side of the road for good time, nobody stopped despite many people went from that road until a kind human being stopped for the purpose of helping the dog.

When that kind person tried to go near the dog, she got angry which made it clear that she was not feeling safe with humans around. He made a call to the local animal rescue organization and soon some workers of that organization arrived over there.

Somehow , those workers made the dog feel safe and then they put her in the crib in order to take her away from there. The dog was so heavy that even three adults find it difficult to carry her for putting her in the crib.


The dog was then taken to the veterinary hospital where various tests were conducted in order to find the disease because of which she stayed over there for quite some time.

From the next day, the dog started having some soft food and the rescue workers took good care of her. After the treatment she was cured and here in this video you can watch how the poor dog was saved:

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We hope no other dog faces such problem, if you find any dog facing any problem, try your best to help the poor living being.