Female dog named Falicita gave birth to 17 puppies and created the American record of most babies in single delivery.

Felicita, a dog of Russian breed has made headline of most babies in one go in America. On December 10th, Falicita surprised the whole country be delivering 17 babies in one litter. This seen very rarely around the world for any breed and certainly a first time in America Bullies.

This record has made surprise and left many in disbelief. Alexandra Stepanova, the caretaker of Falicita was in total disbelief about this amazing feat and explained that it not clear earlier in the ultrasound report. And when 17 puppies weighing 400gms got delivered back to back, it caused ripple.

This is how she looked before the delivery.

It took a hectic 40 mins to perform the C-section and the entire clinic staff were involved in the process including all the doctors. The people present at that time in the clinic were anxiously waiting for the surgery to be successful. Thankfully, all went well, and Felicia delivered her healthy baby.


This brought outmost happiness and a sense of thrill to Falicia’s owner who worked very hard to ensure her good health. This great feet achieved by Falicia also brought great responsibility of raising 17 babies at a time. But the good part is that she is doing great, feeding her puppies and taking care of them. In such cases the babies are fed with complementary food which will start in few weeks erasing burden from Falicia a bit.

Despite all odds and an enormous task of taking care of 17 babies, Falicia is healthy and strong and is able to handle the situation with ease. The owners have applied for the Russian Book of Record and soon she will be an American Bully in the country.

She became an inspiration for dog lovers. According to vets the number of babies a dog can conceive doesn’t depends upon the breed or age of parents but on the physiology of the mother dog and indeed Falicia was a strong-willed mother who was able to accomplish such an incredible feet.